The same reciprocity relation as between poet and patron existed between poet and the gods. We have the same eulogistic model: a good hymn of praise, saying something wholly traditional in a new and interesting way, is the gift of the poet to the god. This gift then obligates that deity to bestow as counter-gift that which is prayed for: prosperity, fecundity, long life. Poetry and poets were not a “frill” in Indo-European society but a necessity of life, a necessary condition for existence. The spoken word could produce a physical effect on the world, but only if properly formulated by the poet.

Watkins, How to Kill a Dragon. (P. 70)

See also: “reasons not to piss off a bard, or a poet.”

He might speak a satire of your line, at the crossroads, while standing on one leg.

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Okay guys this is kinda important. GQ just came in the mail and for the first time in a long while it had a really important article…

I just sat here for like the last half hour reading this and I’m incredibly appalled at our justice system in regards to the military. The article interviews about 23 men who have all been sexually assaulted in some branch of the military. The PTSD from sexual assault in the military is more prevalent than PTSD from combat…

If you have a chance I suggest reading this article…and the title is a quote that one of the victims Doctor told him…

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just watch it

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Josef Hoffmann (Austrian, 1870 – 1956)

Stoclet Palace (Palais Stoclet), Dining Room, Brussels, 1905-1911

Designed in 1905, Stoclet Palace shifts from art nouveau to a new, idiosyncratic style that presages art deco. Hoffmann designed every room as a work of art, even asking Gustav Klimt to create custom masterpieces like Tree of Life (1909) for the dining room.

The house and grounds are currently frozen in time, in perfect original condition. Four elderly sisters own the palace, but they do not live there – and never allow visitors.



After the Ending IV
Lithography, Dry Point, Silk Screen
39”x39” 2009


After the Ending IV

Lithography, Dry Point, Silk Screen

39”x39” 2009

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I love the fresh and charming way they were They were like your friendly neighbors, a humble and hardworking couple. They were so normals. They did not care about being the typical presidential couple, the untouchable leader, treated by people as a half-God, and the First Lady with the role of shadow

I’m just in love with this couple!