dancing on the deluge


Harry Napper (English, 1860-1930)
Hemlock Wallpaper design, 1899


Harry Napper (English, 1860-1930)

Hemlock Wallpaper design, 1899

Coronation of the Virgin (details) from the Scenes of the Life of the Virgin Mary by Filippo Lippi (1406-1469)

tempera and metal foil on panel, 1466-69

(Source: paintingses, via saviorsoul)


Hail Lucifer!

MORNING STAR  Photograph & poetry by Mikel Marton 

"Venus falls from sight, as Lucifer’s beauty overthrows the symmetry of nature; And in his broken glory, cuts himself free from heaven’s bindings.

Light seeps through the honey-combed cracks of his skin, illuminating the oblivious with sticky, sweet- Perfection, above all men & Angels.

God’s favourite/mistake: His Faggot Prince of Exile, whose path of Descent tremors with exploding gases & hushed exaltation.

Morning Star; Seeker of new worlds, fall. As man falls, as God falls. From what celestial womb could he reject you to govern depths of Earthen core?

Martyr of Truth: Supernova dispersing light & imagination across the infinite- Left in the cold, with tongue of torch. Losing reason, but possessing energy abundant. 

Now, molested by gravity on a bleeding vermillion horizon, he steadies his paws before the Rise: Vibrant. Savage. Playful. Creative. Sensual. Curious. Once beloved, & alas now Damned. 


Inspired by William Blake’s painting 'Satan In His Original Glory'.

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